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Application: Used in locations where high resistance to heat, oil and fire (HOFR) are required. Commonly used in lifts, cranes, pumps and other heavy duty equipment.

Types and Sizes: Single & multi core from 0.5 sq.mm to 630 sq. mm

Conductor: Flexible Tinned Copper Conductor

Insulation: EPR, CSP, PCP, Silicone Rubber

Inner Sheath: EPR, CSP, PCP, Silicon Rubber

Armour: Copper Wire / Stainless Steel Braiding

Outer Sheath: EPR, CSP, PCP, Silicone Rubber

Specification: IS: 9968 (Pt-1 & 2), BS: 6500, BS: 7919, BS EN: 60332, IEC: 60502

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